Fish Pond Liner Tarpaulin

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City tarpaulins possess an excellent history of experience in the production of pond liners in kerala and other states for industrial purposes. Pond liners can be used for agriculture, rainwater harvesting, fish cultivation, etc. Pond liners can also be used for the preparation of artificial ponds, in places facing water scarcity. Arranging pond liners at the bottom, water can be stored in artificial ponds, which can be used for agriculture, irrigation, and rainwater harvesting.

We are a leading pond liner and Biofloc tank tarpaulin manufacturer in Kerala .our specialty is that we can make pond liners as per customer’s requirement

Pond liners are primarily used in Aquaponics and aquaculture to create holding tanks for growing fishes and shrimp. and fabricated as per site conditions.

We are using SRF specially made nylon tarpaulin that assures the quality and long last for your need. pond liners are made from non-toxic chemical elements, it will be safe and healthy for fish growth, the same material is also used for storing drinking water

A well-installed and maintained pond liner will last for 15 to 20 years, this figure will change if it is not put in properly by professionals

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How to use pond liners.

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